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Mary Lou Troutman

About Mary Lou Troutman

Mary Lou Troutman

Mary Lou Troutman’s love of art dates back to early childhood, when she would trace the flowers in her grandma’s seed catalogues. After attending art school she briefly tried her hand at drafting, but found that “all those perfectly straight lines and measurements were driving me crazy.” So, instead, she built a successful 30-year career painting the subjects she loves, especially the scenes of her beloved Chesapeake Bay.

In recent years, Mary Lou has turned to licensing, and her work now appears in connection with a growing assortment of products, including decorative flags, greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles. “I would always take the long road home to look at the flowers and the boats,” she explains. “It would drive my kids crazy that they had to suffer those two extra miles, but it was my therapy for the day. I’m still taking the long road home in my art. If my art inspires memories of a special moment, or a good time, then I’ve done my job.”