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Jim Todd

About Jim Todd

Jim Todd began oil painting at the young age of 10, under the instruction of his father. Jim studied commercial art in college and simultaneously continued to study classic oil painting techniques with private instructors. Jim has exhibited his work in dozens of shows and galleries throughout the United States and has received more than fifty awards for his work. Jim was chosen as one of the top 100 artists in the United States by the prestigious Arts in the Park organization.

In 1992 Jim received the Artist of the Year Award by the greater St. Louis Art Association. Jim went on to establish a career in commercial illustration, creating work for such companies as: Disney, Lucas Arts, Activision, Mattel and many others. After retiring from the field of commercial illustration in 2011, Jim returned to what he loves best, oil painting.

Jim continues to paint a variety of subjects including still life, landscape, and surreal images. In the area of Trompe l’oeil, Jim’s skill has established him as a top practitioner of the genre.

Jim hopes his work will have an impact on the viewer. “I hope that viewing my work will encourage other to explore their imaginations and expand their abilities.” Jim Todd.