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Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson

Graeme Stevenson has gained a reputation for producing stunning images featuring a large variety of wild animals and landscapes. Born in New South Wales, Australia, Graeme Stevenson began painting and studying animals at a young age. With a tremendous fascination for the world around him, he began breeding Australian parrots, and in his teen years took up the ancient sport of falconry. As his interest in art began to grow, he explored the vast areas of Australia, photographing, sketching, and eventually painting the exotic animals of this land.

Now living permanently in the United States, Stevenson has been able to study the native animals and landscapes of the American wilds and has now added these new collections to his portfolio. Stevenson’s work hangs in galleries and many private collections throughout the world, as well as appearing on a range of products from jigsaws to posters.