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FM Kearney

FM Kearney

About FM Kearney

F.M. Kearney is a fine art landscape and cityscape photographer. His collection of murals tends to focus on his hometown of New York City. Few photographers know Manhattan and its boroughs better than F.M. Kearney, who has been a news photographers and done ride-alongs with the NYPD, NYFD, and visited nearly all of the Big Apple's subway stations.

His creativity is clearly evident in much of his work. Some of these murals are the products of a compilation of many different techniques, ranging from the use of different lights to complex multiple exposures to produce soft, romantic glows. As a film shooter, most of his techniques are created in-camera. Digital effects are primarily used to optimize color and/or exposure.

His work has been exhibited in galleries in New York and Montreal, as well as a fine art museum in Florida. He's also been published in numerous books and magazines. More of his work can be seen at his website: http://www.starlitecollection.com