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About Evelia

Raised in Ohio, Evelia began drawing and painting at an early age. At age 11, she was awarded a scholarship to attend adult art classes from the Dayton Art Institute. She graduated from The American Academy of Art in Chicago and embarked on a highly successful commercial art career.

During her commercial art career, her work for Antioch Publishing appeared on bookmarks, journals and other related items. These products were successfully sold nationally at stores such as Barnes & Noble, WalMart, Target and Borders, just to name a few. She collaborated with Jim Davis, creator of the Garfield comic strip, on licensed products featuring Garfield and gained praise from Lucas Films for her work on Star Wars licensed journals and bookmarks helping Antioch Publishing attain "preferred vendor" status. At one time a bookmark she designed was the best-selling bookmark of all-time at Barnes and Noble.

After spending over twenty years in the commercial art field, Evelia has decided to once again focus on her love of painting and drawing. Her influences are many. Among them are early Chinese and Japanese prints, Impressionism, Retro illustrations of the 40's and 50's and the Arts and Crafts/Prairie Style movements in architecture and interior design. Most of these styles are very organic and feature natural elements and an appreciation of nature as a central theme. These styles have always resonated with her because of her life-long love of nature. This love of nature has taught her to be keenly observant of the world around her, not only in nature itself, but also observant to trends in color, design, fashion and decorating.

Evelia's daily observations of the world combined with her commercial art savvy and passion for nature, help her create contemporary compositions which highlight the patterns found in nature. These compositions create a very unique mood which is meant to be harmonic, calming and inspiring. "I try to combine light, shadow, color, texture, patterns and forms commonly found in nature that help transport the viewer to a time and place, either real or imaginary. My intent is to create artwork that will inspire much greater awareness and appreciation of nature and the world which we live in. Now more than ever, we need to appreciate what we have."

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