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Dean Tatooles

Dean Tatooles

About Dean Tatooles

Dean J. Tatooles specializes in the field of large format panoramic photography. His innate talent for photography is evident in each of his striking images and his passion and dedication to his craft are unsurpassed. Dean's travels have taken him across all seven continents. Dean's hope is that his work touches that sense of adventure in everyone and that viewers of his photographs will be transported to another time and place, even if it's for just a moment.

Dean works with a Linhof 617 S III Technorama medium format panoramic camera to produce his majestic landscapes. What you see in his final product is what Dean saw through his lens. Dean's photographic murals are of the highest quality. It is important to remember that images viewed on the Internet pale in comparison to the actual product in person. Subtle details and nuances of color are impossible to convey in a low-resolution web image. The sight of the large, crisply printed mural in person will simply take your breath away.

All of Dean's images are created using the highest quality professional negative or transparency film. Each transparency or negative is professionally drum-scanned to obtain the ultimate level of detail and sharpness. Through that process, each transparency is individually mounted using a special gel and scanned at between 2000 dpi and 4000 dpi to extract the fullest detail, highlight, and shadow. The combination of equipment format and image processing puts Dean's panoramic photography in a class of its own.

Dean's clientele includes businesses and individuals spanning five continents. His work has been featured on websites and in magazines, travel brochures, and other publications globally. We are excited to have Dean onboard the Magic Mural's Team of Artists.

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