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Christine Zalewski

Christine Zalewski

About Christine Zalewski

Photographer Christine Zalewski's delicate hand and artist's eye fuse together to create exquisitely beautiful floral portraits that range from ethereal to intense. An accidental gardener, Christine grows many species of plants and flowers to ensure she has a never-ending supply of subject matter & inspiration. Fascinated with light, color, and form, she photographs each of her botanical specimens as portraiture. The final images range from those using classic photographic techniques to intricate collages incorporating her beautifully hued watercolor paintings. Images range from sepia tones, intensely hued flowers on hand painted backgrounds, to high key images that look as if they are lit from within. Her photographs are licensed both nationally and internationally for fine art prints, greeting cards, journal illustration, and home decor products.

Artist's Statement
"My sole intention is to capture the fleeting beauty of the interaction between the striking forms offered by life and the light that illuminates them. This ever changing play between light and life is the basis for all my work. If I can capture these moments and print them in a manner that both preserves their beauty and offers the momentary experience to others, I am satisfied." -Christine Zalewski