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Christian Riese Lassen



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About Christian Riese Lassen

Christian Riese Lassen

One of the world’s most popular and talented living artists, Christian Riese Lassen has dedicated himself to the realization of a magical vision of life on our planet. Lassen’s talent for capturing nature’s wonder in pigment, light and movement, along with his compassion for the harmony of life on Earth, has allowed him to touch the hearts and senses of millions.

Meticulous and imaginative, Mr. Lassen’s paintings depict an idealized vision of the natural world, in particular the ocean he so loves. To learn more, please visit www.lassenart.com

“I believe in making a difference through my art. In my work, I seek to act as a messenger, alerting people all over the world to the deterioration of the global environment and to the need for greater understanding and respect for the world’s diverse cultures.” - Christian Riese Lassen

Christian Riese Lassen