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Adrian Chesterman

About Adrian Chesterman

Adrian Chesterman gained a bachelor of Arts degree at Norwich School of Art and then mastered in illustration at the Royal College of Art in London. Since leaving the R.C.A. Chesterman has worked principally as an illustrator working for just about everyone, on just about everything, just about everywhere. ‘Jurassic Park’ publicity art for Stephen Spielberg in Los Angeles, stage-set art for ‘Sunset Boulevard’ for Andrew Lloyd-Weber in Frankfurt. Innumerable advertising commissions from Rolls Royce to Coca Cola. Theme park designs for Seaworld in Miami and San Diego, Ferrari Park in the UAE and Marvel Comic Park in Bejing. Book covers for Jackie Collins, Dick Francis, Isaac Asimov and many others including the recent re-print of Enid Blyton's timeless children's classic series 'The Famous Five'. Countless music album covers including 'Bomber' for Motorhead and 'The Road to Hell' for Chris Rea.

Chesterman says: "I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to illustrate the World's largest jigsaw puzzle. It has presented me with an exciting new challenge, working on scale so vast and on a subject so very close to my heart. I have been illustrating animal puzzles for most of the biggest puzzle companies in the world recently and I've developed a genuine love of wildlife and nature. So to be commissioned to illustrate a gigantic scene absolutely packed with all the wonders of the animal kingdom in a beautiful, almost endless landscape has truly been a delight."