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Adam Jacobs


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75 Murals

About Adam Jacobs

Adam Jacobs and Nelson Mandela

Adam Jacobs is an exciting, dynamic and innovative photographer whose eclectic portfolio covers a diverse array of subject matter including sport, landscape, popular culture and lifestyle. His work is highly concerned with recording historical and sporting moments with an unerring commitment to accuracy and artistic flair. Moreover, Adam's signature style of abstracting color from context emphasizes the meaning behind certain places and landscapes while his unique sports Photography is characterized with dramatic compositions that are infused with energy, movement and emotion.

Originally from London, Adam's enthusiasm for photography was formulated when studying abroad in Australia. However, it was only after being diagnosed with Chronic Daily Migraine which left him being forced to spend almost two years lying in a dark room, that Adam's passion for taking pictures was galvanized from a hobby into a concrete career. Although now well on the way to recovery, he continues to receive regular medical treatment to improve his functionality and lower his daily pain levels. Adam's condition causes his autonomic nervous system to be in a state of hyper-arousal. Indeed, he credits this extreme sensitivity to the sensory bombardment of everyday life as helping him to see the artistic, even in the most inanimate subject matter. Seeing the world with such an acute level of sensory perception ensures Adam's images are imbued with a recognizable style; his big, bold and vivid photographs transform his audience into his own migrainous world where colors appear brighter, shadows and highlights more defined and subtle nuances of light more pronounced. Adam also credits his photography with having an enormous therapeutic benefit on his condition and has donated a considerable number of images to charitable causes.

Despite only being twenty-four, Adam recently had the opportunity to photograph much of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. He also has extensive experience shooting collegiate and professional sporting events across America and has photographed well-known figures including Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger. Adam's powerful imagery has been used by publications including Sports Illustrated and ESPN while much of his portfolio is currently featured as part of Pictopia's prestigious collections.

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