Mapping Your Business

Map Murals, Whether World or Local, Make For Functional Office Decor

Where are you taking your business? Or next vacation?

Todd and Kristie H. of Cypress, Texas recently installed our National Geographic Decorator World Map in their office… and now the world is at their doorstep. Well — at least right in front of them. 😉

Todd writes: “The map installed easy. See attached picture of the 5′ x 8′ map in our office.”

Like many of our customers who install a mural that doesn’t cover an entire wall, they bought some inexpensive wood trim from their local home improvement store and framed their mural. It looks awesome! (And is so much less expensive than bringing a large print to the frame shop).

Thanks so much, Todd, for sharing your work with us. We really appreciate it.

Beyond Decorative, Make Maps Functional

From planning where your next location is going to be, to plotting where your orders are coming from or where you delivery routes need to be, maps are a wonderful business tool as well as great decor.

If you’re old school, a bunch of punch pins might do the trick for you, but they’ll eventually ruin any map (even our high quality murals — they’ll stand up to a lot of wear and tare, but there’s a limit).  For a map that will last a long time and can be “updated,” as your business changes and expands, contact us and have a dry erase / white board laminate added to your map mural.  You’ll be able to change territories, routes, add/erase customer targets and competitors, etc.  And, of course, draw a big smiley face around the location of your next vacation.

If we don’t have the map you’re looking for, ask the service representatives at Magic Murals.  We can create a map that covers only the areas you want, and shows just the information you need.  Need a city map for plotting routes along local roads?  We can do that.  State, country, world… we custom create them to your specifications.

See all of our maps, including vintage maps, here.

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