Local Murals Connect With Customers

Retail wall graphics and murals foster customer relationships & loyalty.

Nothing connects with your customers more than the shared pride you demonstrate when you decorate your retail location with displays of local scenes, both current and/or historic.

Your local visitors bureau, historic society, chamber of commerce and local schools and universities can be a terrific resource for these treasures. Many of them will already have high resolution scans ready for use. If not, you can get scans easily made from the originals at a local copy shop or big box office supply store.

Want to really connect with your customers and build loyalty?  Go a step further and ask them if they have pictures they’d like to see you use.  In many areas, you know which families have lived in your community for generations.  They may have pictures that really pique local interest.  Old residents and new love seeing what the town looked like “way back when.”

If you’re in a city with a university or high school that has a strong sports presence, it’s a no brainer to connect with your customers by decorating your restaurant or retail location with images celebrating their favorite teams.  Note:  make sure to check with the schools’ administration to get permission to use such images.

When you’ve got your local images in hand, begin figuring out how you’d like them displayed in a collage or just contact us here and we’ll begin putting them together into a montage that works for your display areas and connects with your customers.

Just recently, we created a series of local murals in conjunction with the Johnston County Visitors Bureau for the New Dixie Mart in Selma, NC.

Lewis, a local resident, thought it came out so nice that he took pictures (which he has allowed us to share) and contacted us to find out if we had done the work. We had!

Thanks, Lewis, for being so proud of your community that you took all of these pictures and did some sleuthing.  As a local Johnston County company ourselves, we were thrilled to be part of this project.




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