The Wonderful World of Christian Riese Lassen Wall Murals

His mural images are colorful, vivid, & full of life! —

Christian Riese Lassen is one of the great artists of our time. He is an inspiring messenger who’s purpose is to share natures magic & beauty with the world. His artwork centers on conserving the spirit & magic of Mother Earth.

“I believe in making a difference through my art. In my work, I seek to act as a messenger, alerting people all over the world to the deterioration of the global environment and the need for greater understanding and respect for the world’s diverse cultures.” – Christian Riese Lassen

Lassen is a self-taught artist and surfer. He was born in California and was raised on Maui. His life on the island became his primary source of inspiration for his art you see today.

Christian Riese Lassen wall murals are the perfect addition to any kids room, pediatrics facility, or daycare center! Get 40% off his regular priced murals! Ends 12/26/18


Christian Riese Lassen Art Magic Murals

Add our Tiger Falls Magic Murals Wall Mural to your child’s room for some jungle themed inspiration!

Christian Riese Lassen Art Magic Murals

Our Harmonious Orcas II Magic Murals Wall Mural is the perfect addition to any playroom!

Christian Riese Lassen Art Magic Murals

Love seeing our Orca Reef Magic Murals Wall Mural in this lobby area, it’s perfect for heavy traffic lobby areas, it gives those waiting a fun & colorful experience!

Christian Riese Lassen Art Magic Murals

Frame our Ancient Mysteries Magic Murals Wall Mural and hang it over your bed! A perfect solution to your headboard needs & it won’t break the bank.

Gift one for the nature lover in your life or to the friend with the vivid & magical imagination!

“Painting is my life’s long journey.” – Christian Riese Lassen

Christian Riese Lassen Art Magic Murals

Bring in the magic with our Cosmic Serenity Magic Murals Wall Mural and watch as inspiration is magnified!

His work is imaginative yet super-realistic and gently reminds us not to take our planet or other species around the globe for granted. To learn more, please visit & browse is entire Magic Murals collection here! 

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