ColorMe™ Murals at Library MakerSpaces

“Our kids love your ColorMe™ mural!!

That’s the heading of the subject line in the wonderful email we got from Barbara, Technology Services Manager at Delaware Valley Friends School in Paoli, PA.

She writes:

Last year, I purchased a “ColorMe” mural for my small school’s Makerspace. In case you don’t know what that is, a Makerspace is a place for students to create, ideate, and collaborate on and with hands-on projects that often mix traditional building and making materials, such as cardboard, wood, and Lego, with high-tech materials, like LEDs, circuits, robotics, and 3d printing.
Ours is a school for children who learn differently, and as such, many of our kids sometimes need a quiet place to decompress. While the Makerspace is often full of activity, I have dedicated a quiet room for our more introverted kids and installed a ColorMe mural. There is a big box of markers, crayons, and colored pencils for them to collaboratively color, and the kids love it!
They completed last year’s mandala. This year’s Whirligig will go up later in August and I expect they will love to color it just as much.
You know… we really don’t make much profit on the ColorMe™ murals (especially when you include the free shipping), but we LOVE selling them because they make people so happy. We get fan mail from families and co-workers and libraries and schools and… well, everyone who buys them. The adult coloring “craze,” shows no signs of slowing (so probably best to skip the “craze,” label). Coloring is a perfect way for kids and adults to disconnect from all of our electronic devices, spend some creative quiet time alone or with others, and just have fun.
And – yes – it’s a great way to introduce folks to all of our other wonderful murals and products. That’s really why we were the first printed mural company to introduce them; creating joy and happiness around the world is a very, very wonderful bonus.

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