We Talk Branding, Business, and Custom Murals With This Entrepreneur

Most days, you’ll find her on her next adventure delivering Swanky Spaces all across the beautiful state of Michigan.


Gretchen Hole, owner, and operator of Swanky Restroom Trailers, an upscale restroom trailer service provider for weddings and events in Holly, Mich., sat down with us to talk more about her more about her growing business. With over 20 years of experience in the portable sanitation business, Hole is one of the leading experts in her field. As a women-owned business and an entrepreneur staying up-to-date on the latest trends, and products help provide her customers with the best options available in the portable sanitation industry. You can find her servicing the entire state of Michigan. (Mural Featured | Tiger in a Tropical Storm)  

How did Swanky Restroom Trailers Evolve?

Swanky Restroom Trailers was a natural progression created out of my first business Poopy’s Potties (specializing in portable toilets or port-a-johns). We had a film production company from California come into the Detroit area for an extended period. They moved here to film a tv show for at least 18 episodes, and they reached out to rent restrooms from me. Swanky Restroom Trailers evolved at that moment because they needed something on set immediately.

I had only one trailer at the time, so I had to go out and purchase three more in a hurry. I saw an opportunity for expansion and went for it.

Creating a name is a massive part of the entrepreneurial process, and Swanky Restroom Trailers is no ordinary name, what was the inspiration behind the name?

I wanted a name that was unique. A name that would set us apart and would indicate an upscale representation of the services we provide. I took my time with creating Swanky Restroom Trailers and every second was worth it because now we have a name/brand that people recognize throughout the entire state of Michigan.

It is a name authentic to the brand I’m building. We want our clients to feel comfortable and stylish. We are all about privacy, comfort and swank appeal.

Why did you choose to work with Magic Murals?

Before working with Magic Murals, I was researching my interior design options. I came across some of your competitors, and they didn’t have the selection of images you all had. I have in total six restroom restrooms I rent out. We’re serious when we say we strive to be unique ALWAYS and updating the interiors for each event we service is a fun artistic process. We creatively style each trailer different.

Your QuickStik wallpaper (peel and stick wallpaper), 2-day expedited shipping, and phenomenal customer service make this process very smooth adding no hassle. From the moment we place our order it takes 4-5 days maximum for us to receive the mural. In my line of work speed and efficiency are integral to getting the job done right.


How has Swanky Restroom Trailers expanded?

Once the tax incentive left Michigan, we had to expand and narrow down our focus. So, naturally, we targeted audiences who needed our services the most.

Swanky Restroom Trailers now service weddings, film, and VIP at numerous events– each job is unique and special to me, and I love helping people.

Swanky Restroom Trailers will continue to expand and stay on top of what our clientele desire the most out of their experience. Our most recent expansion features “Parlor Room Restroom Trailers” which provides a Swanky Spot for guests to enjoy. It gives my clients and their guests a space to unwind and relax away from freezing winters or hot summer days. Featuring a bar table, chairs, mirrors, games and music! (Mural Featured Below| Art Deco)


Where can people find you and how far are they looking to book an event with you?

You can find me on our website https://www.swankytrailers.com/ & our social media sites. Email | [email protected], Facebook | Swanky Restroom Trailers by Gretchen, Instagram | @swankybyg & @port-ajohnmodel


Call now to book your next event with us! 810-265-9026

See more photos of Gretchen’s Swanky Trailer’s design work below!

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