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    1. How to purchase the perfect wall mural gift with MINIMAL information. You don’t need to have all the answers to find the perfect wall mural gift for your loved ones this season.
    2. Simple steps to treat yourself to the perfect wall mural gift.
    3. Links to all of our Magic Murals Gift Guides!
    4. Current Holiday Home Art Decor Deals 🎅🏼
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Gifting a Wall Mural with Minimal Information: The Run Through

  • Material: QuikStik PLUS™ — Don’t know the wall surface? Not sure if they’re renting? No clue what type of walls they have?
    • If you answered yes to any of the questions above our QuikStik PLUS™ material is the perfect fit for you! This material is one of our peel & stick materials that you can apply to various surfaces including smooth and lightly textured walls. This material is user-friendly and doesn’t require a professional installer. It also won’t wreak havoc on your walls when you need to remove them. At any point in time, you can peel them off and place them back onto the backing paper. This material is perfect for renters, college grads and anyone who loves to redecorate on a budget! It saves you time, money, and keeps your space fresh. Check out more about this material here.

  • Size: small to medium — no measurements, no problem. With our standard small to medium sizes, you don’t have to worry about having the specific wall measurements.
  • Do you still have questions & need help? Send your questions to, and we will help you through the process, we LOVE wall murals and especially love helping your vision come to life! Sometimes you need someone to talk it through with 🙂 not an email person? Feel free to call us toll-free at 1-919-205-1962.


The Simple Steps to Gifting Yourself the Wall Mural of Your Dreams

  •  Take measurements of the desired area you’d like to place your wall mural or wallpaper.
  • Browse our extensive collection of mural images or customize your very own wall mural!
    • Customization options include: Altering images, combining images, adding unique details like your most treasured quote, or uploading your very own photos…to learn more about our customization tools click here or get started on uploading your image below!

  • Time to select which material would be the best fit for your wall surface. Check out our materials page to see all of our options or for assistance give us a call toll-free at 919-205-1962. 
  • If you have any questions about your wall surface type you can always send us a picture of your wall surface to and we will help select the best options for you!

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