DIYer Orders & Installs Custom Wall Mural in just 5 Simple Steps

It is safe to say that Brian P. of Birmingham, AL is a handyman at heart. Thank you, Brian, for sending us photos of your completed wall mural project!

Project components consisted of the following:

  1. Uploading his own image to our site.
  2. Cropping the image to scale his specific wall dimensions (99.5 inches height x 153 inches wide).
  3. Brian doubled checked his wall surface type & selected his material based on his wall surface type.
  4. Placed his order and waited patiently.
  5. Brian received & installed his custom wall mural!

During the process, Brian was concerned about which material was the best for a drywall surface and which one of our materials would be the best for durability and cleanability. This is a very common question for our team here at Magic Murals. If you’d like to find out more information about our materials please visit our materials page. Ultimately, he decided to go with our QuikStik™ w/ Matte Laminate protective finish. Not only does it aid in cleanability, but it also aids in durability helping keep your image pristine for years to come.

Creating your own custom wall mural is really easy! Learn more about creating your own custom mural, our image guidelines, and our wall measurement guide— and if you feel like your hitting some bumps in the road give us a call, we would love to help you on your next wall mural project 🙂 It’s what we’re here for!


I ended up hanging the mural myself and everything lined up perfectly. Thank you very much for creating the prints! Looks Great! -Brian P.

Brian, for someone who may not claim to be a DIYer…can we just say WOW. You did amazing!!!  I have a feeling this won’t be his last DIY project, and we sure hope it’s not! If you have any DIY mural installation pics that you’d like to share with us send them on over to [email protected] — we LOVE seeing & sharing your photos with the world!

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