Changing Designs in an Instant With Wall Murals & Wallpaper | Before + After

Charlie A. Bolivar of Charlie’s Designs, LLC., located in New York, NY, shares his WOW factor in his design process –

Photographer: Basel Almisshal |

With 20 years working in the design industry, Charlie Bolivar specializes in finding “creative solutions for everyday living.” He uses Feng-Shui as the compass to his design style, and his passion is fueled by changing his client’s lives forever by improving their surroundings. You can find him working on both residential and commercial properties, mixing periods, styles, and ideas to create the optimal environment, one client at a time.

Charlie, tell us a little bit about this project. 

This is a cottage that I designed in the Poconos Pennsylvania, the idea was to create a modern chic design.

What was the inspiration behind your mural selection? 

The inspiration for the design came from the wood carving horse that you see on the coffee table.

As an artist, what is unique to your designs?

My design style reflects how we live our lives today. I mix periods, styles, and ideas whose rules are self-evident: elegance and classic modernity. Charlie’s Designs LLC (http://www.charlies-designs.comis an interior design consultancy, creating classic contemporary interiors, special events, and settings, offering professional design and services as well as architectural design and project management. 

What do you love most about wall murals & wallpaper when incorporating them into your design process? 

I really think what gives that WOW factor when you design a place – is always that mural or that wallpaper in a design. Without the help of the thousands of patterns and colors to textures and breathtaking scenes from the murals. It wouldn’t be so easy to change a design in an instant. That’s why I always love using wallpaper or murals in all my designs whenever I can!

Do you find most of your clients are fond of including wall murals and large wall graphics in their space?

Venturing into the wall art world could be a daunting task for some. There are so many things you need to consider in order to choose the right wall mural. Most of my clients always love incorporating murals or wallpapers.

If you could decorate a space in wall murals, without any limitations, what would it look like?

I love choosing something for a small space. Going with a forest wall mural or a natural landscape ( wall murals tend to open up your home with beautiful scenery, and the dark green is really in style these days! Choose a forest wall mural or forest wallpaper to bring the outdoors inside to create depth, which opens up any space!

What did you appreciate most about working with

They have always been super helpful and very accommodating any time I need anything from them. That’s why I really love working with you!

If you have a client who is interested in buying a wall mural, what are some things you’d advise them on before purchasing? 

The first thing you should do is get a feel of what is in style and what looks good. So browse through thousands of images online and create boards and start saving what you like best. There are so many wall murals and wallpaper ideas to choose from and an endless list of possible looks!

If you had to choose your top 3 spaces to design, what would they be?

Media room, Master-bedroom – and the family room. 



Photographer: Basel Almisshal |

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