3D Baptistry at First Baptist Church

Wall murals of water and rivers create a spiritual oasis in church baptistries.

Wallpaper wall murals are a great way to decorate baptistries (and baptisteries — both are correct for you spelling police) and other areas of praise, education and fellowship in churches, temples, mosques and other worship centers.  Your church and congregation are unique and wall murals offer the ability to select images that reflect your mission and your congregation.

While many of the tens of thousands of secular images in the Magic Murals collection might suit your needs, we also offer curated collections for churches and other religious institutions and a collection of murals with some favorite psalms and other Bible verses.

Murals featuring the River Jordan are, as you’d expect, very popular choices for baptismal areas.

Audry C. at Edmund First Baptist Church in Lexington, SC was good enough to send us pictures and kind words when they completed their new baptistry.

I want to thank you for such a beautiful product.  We had a professional paper hanger install the mural behind the baptistry, so it would appear that water is flowing into the baptistry, and candidates would appear to walk down the river bank into the water for Baptism.  It works wonderfully.  We ordered the  8’ x 12’ mirror image to be sure enough of the water would be positioned to achieve the effect we wanted. We then painted extensions of the landscape on the far left and far right sides of the mural so no one would see a blank wall on either end  of the picture.   Our membership is very pleased with the finished product. ****BONUS*** It appears 3 dimensional when sitting in the church pews.

You can just about see the 3D effect Audry mentions.  While it looks like the mural is framed in the pictures, the mural is actually on the back wall of a small room housing the baptistry that is entered and viewed through the “window” in the wall.  As you look through the entrance from different angles, you’ll see different portions of the mural, giving it that 3D effect of almost being real.

Here’s another view.

Baptistry Mural

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