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Hot Air Balloons

Wall Murals of Hot Air Balloons

Give your decor a vibrant facelift with these wall murals of hot air balloons that have been handpicked to create a splash on your walls. The collection features cheerful photographs and artwork of hot air balloons of every hue, in various stages of lift-off. The photographs transport your walls to hot air balloon festivals in Colorado, New Mexico and other places where dozens, if not hundreds, of them can be spotted. Some of these photographs offer panoramic views of colorful balloons lifting off even as they cast a dazzling reflection on water. The image of lush green grass below and the clear blue skies is punctuated and enriched by the presence of multiple hot air balloons.

This collection of wallpaper murals features several choices appropriate for children’s spaces as well as other rooms. Besides spectacular full color photographs, the collection includes a whimsical artwork of friendly looking animals standing by against the backdrop of a windmill, fields and a barn as three hot air balloons can be seen floating above and behind them. There is something about hot air balloon rides, even those you just stand by and watch, that captivates your imagination and sets it soaring. These murals manage to capture that element elegantly and effectively. The striking aspect about these wallpaper murals featuring hot air balloons is the way in which they introduce color and energy into your space without interfering with the impact of other decor elements in your space. The murals simply blend in with your walls, providing a wonderful window to crisp blue skies dotted with vibrant hot air balloons, while lending a splash of color to your space.

As a connoisseur of good photography looking for a tasteful, unobtrusive way to add color and personality to your walls, you will find that this collection of wall murals of hot air balloons uplifts your wall decor instantly.