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Wall Murals of Botanical Patterns

Stop and smell the roses with this collection of wall murals of botanical patterns. These murals showcase fine examples of the blend of colors, the textures and layers that make up the details of a flower petal or tree bark. Explore the wonders of the botanical world in a new light as you browse through these floral pattern wallpaper murals. The collection is a mix of stunning photographs and creative artwork presented for your viewing pleasure in the form of botanical themed wallpaper murals. These murals would make perfect additions to spaces where you want to inject beauty, visual interest and color into your walls with a tasteful, neutral subject. Serving as faux windows, these wall murals of flowers, petals and leaves open up and refresh any space.

From an abstract floral of a Bird of Paradise plant to the details of cup coral of the Galapagos Islands, from the stunning light and shadow effect highlighting a beautiful, red rose’s petals to a close up of the red tinged white petals of the Dream Come True rose and a ringside view of a sunflower, these murals bring breathtaking botanical sights into your space. Other interesting subjects featured in the wallpaper murals include rose petals reflected in raindrops and the spectacular, purple petals of the Passion Flower with curling corona.

One cannot help but be impressed by the textures, colors and patterns found on flower petals and other botanical elements. The degree of detail and finesse found in nature remains unmatched. That’s probably the reason why flowers remain one of the most photographed natural elements. They’re also among the most popular subjects for artistic portrayals. If you’re looking for that perfect wall accent to punctuate your home or office space or a cafe or waiting room, these wall murals of botanical patterns offer plenty of variety for your walls to blossom.