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Animal Pattern Wall Murals

This collection of animal pattern wall murals provides an extraordinary, up-close glimpse into the wonders of the animal kingdom. They allow you to peer into the eyes of a Nile crocodile, count the number of black stripes on a tiger’s fur and admire the stunning patterns in a tubeworm from the comfort of your space. Each of the wallpaper murals in this one-of-its-kind collection is a tribute to the creature it portrays and to the unique physical characteristics bestowed upon it by nature for the purpose of self defence, camouflage or to render it physically attractive to its potential mates.

Behold the Indian peacock with its stunningly beautiful feathers spread out wide on display, perhaps to attract a female in the vicinity--this wonderful sight is the subject of one of the animal wallpaper murals in the collection. No less striking is the mural of a starfish, providing you a zoomed in view of its bumpy dorsal surface. If you’ve never seen the mane of a giraffe up-close or have always been fascinated by the structure of a starfish, these murals offer you the best seats in the arena with the perfect view. From the tightly woven, net-like arms of a basket starfish to a close-up view of a cluster of anchor coral, these spectacular murals allow you to view animals in their natural habitats tucked away in the deepest corners of the world.

This interesting collection of animal texture wall murals offers you a wide variety of art to choose from for the walls in your space. The close-up views presented here blend the natural with the abstract as you admire the unique patterns and textures on the skin, fur or shell of the animal. Perfect for animal enthusiasts, photography buffs and just about anyone who appreciates art in nature, this collection of animal pattern wall murals is sure to enliven your space.