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Buddha Wall Murals

The Buddha wall murals in this collection surround you with serenity. Each wallpaper mural here captures the exquisite beauty and calm of Buddha--the enlightened--and translates some of that gracefulness onto your walls and space. These murals transport you to the ancient Buddhist temples in Cambodia, Thailand, China and Japan, opening up a world of possibilities for your wall space. When you’re looking for truly meaningful and impactful Buddha-inspired additions to your walls, this collection of wall murals of the Buddha are likely to hold the answer.

Immerse yourself in the spectacular photographs of the Buddha, Buddhist temples, monks and monasteries featured in this collection as you choose the most appropriate wall mural for your space. Browse through murals featuring world renowned temple sites such as the Pagoda of Incense of Buddha on Longevity Hill, Beijing, the Ta Prohm in Angkor, Cambodia, the panoramic image of Buddha in the ancient Thai capital of Ayutthaya and others. The Ta Prohm is particularly notable for the unique combination of trees growing out of the ruins and its location amidst jungles. This popular Angkorian temple was built in the Bayon style largely in the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Another Buddhist landmark included in the collection is the Kinkaku-ji Temple of the Golden Pavilion, located in Kyoto, Japan. This beautiful Zen Buddhist temple is surrounded by lush gardens and sparkling water, making it an excellent choice for a thematic wallpaper mural.

Hidden among these popular and instantly recognizable statues and temples of Buddha are murals of lesser known Buddha statues and monasteries that are no less stunning. Consider the statue of a meditative Buddha seated atop a rock in a secluded garden, for instance, or the beautiful collage of Japanese gardens that features gurgling springs, Japanese maple trees, rock gardens, pagodas and a Buddha statue at its center. Take your time as you browse through the collection to find the perfect addition to your space...and who knows, your walls may find their true calling among these beautiful Buddha wall murals!