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Wall Murals of Antarctica

These refreshing wall murals of Antarctica transport your walls to the icy landscapes of the polar continent. The stunning photographs unravel the mysteries of Antarctica on your walls with its countless ice chunks, white islands, floating icebergs, arched iceberg formations, coastal glaciers and species of Penguins and humpback whales becoming conversation starters in your space. Photographing Antarctica with its predominantly white landscape and unique lighting conditions presents peculiar challenges. These wallpaper murals featuring photographs of various locations in the continent and surrounding oceans have managed to surmount those challenges, presenting in the process the most spectacular aspects of this distinctive part of the planet that few of us will actually have the opportunity to see in person.

One of the striking murals in this collection features a photograph of Drake Passage located north of Antarctic Peninsula where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet. The photograph capturing sunset over the southern ocean presents a one-of-its-kind visual experience and surrounds your space with inspiration and serenity. Other photos feature floating icebergs, some with Gentoo penguins on them, maps of the ocean floor around Antarctica, a stunning depiction of the Northern Lights, a humpback whale diving to feed off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and thousands of King Penguins standing and nesting their eggs. Each mural presents the continent of Antarctica and its breathtaking landscapes in a unique light. These magnificent wallpaper murals, stand out in terms of their image sharpness, visual brilliance and distinctive aesthetics thanks to the primarily white backdrops serving as blank canvases for nature to make her mark.

Whether you’re an adventurer at heart with Antarctica on your list of must-see places or a true connoisseur of fascinating wall art especially when it represents the silent forces of nature at work at the extreme ends of the planet, you will find enough drama and inspiration to match your taste in this collection of wall murals of Antarctica.