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Garden Wall Murals

The garden wall murals featured in this collection have been selected to represent some of the most beautiful, immaculately maintained and painstakingly nurtured gardens from around the world. Each garden in this collection of wallpaper murals is a work of art in itself - whether it’s a Tuscan herb garden or a Japanese garden. Some murals depict world renowned gardens such as the dramatic, sunken Butchart Gardens of Canada and the Versailles Garden in France with its fountains and flowerbeds. Other murals feature photographs of lesser known but equally picturesque gardens. These include the wallpaper mural of the field of sunflowers where the sky’s blue backdrop accentuates the spectacular yellow and brown carpet of flowers below. Also featured in this collection is a photograph of rows of pink cherry blossoms framing a lush green lawn in Japan and several photos of Portland Gardens, including one showcasing a Japanese Maple tree in fall. The mural depicting golden sun beams that appear to be dancing in joy at the sight of a field of bright yellow and red tulips in blossom is one you will not be able to turn away from easily. Mesmerizing you in much the same way is another mural featuring a painting of a European garden with foxglove, stock, wallflower, and scabiosa presented up close with a charming cottage in the backdrop.

Besides gardens themselves, the collection includes murals where garden entrances are highlighted as well.

These enticing pathways and entrance arches are the subjects for many garden wall murals in this collection. One such is the mural where a pink stone archway leads to a tropical paradise with a beautiful garden, white sands and the ocean beyond. Another features a rectangular stone gateway where a yellow butterfly leads the way into the secret garden beyond.

These murals are mere glimpses into some of the most amazing results that can be achieved when man and nature work together to bring out the best in each other. Many perfect examples are featured in this collection of garden wall murals.

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