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Wall Murals of Waterfalls

Inspiration flows freely in this collection of wall murals of waterfalls that features stunning photographs and paintings. When it comes to photographing landscapes, there is something uniquely enticing about a waterfall, whether it’s a thunderous waterfall plunging hundreds of feet from atop a steep cliff or a gentle one gurgling down in a forest before turning into a refreshing stream. Every waterfall mural in this collection has been selected for the energy and tranquility it brings to a space. Some are world renowned waterfalls that attract millions of tourists every year and are national landmarks in themselves. Other lesser known falls are no less breathtaking, tucked away in remote jungles or in the midst of mountains somewhere in the world. You will see several examples of both types of waterfalls in this collection and may have a very challenging task at hand when choosing from these murals of waterfall landscapes.

These wall murals of waterfalls leave a lasting impact and taking your eyes off them will not be easy. Take for example, the photograph of Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina. Or, the panoramic view of the Niagara Falls with both American and Canadian sides in the picture or that of the Maid of the Mist boat riding through a spectacular rainbow towards the base of the falls. Or, consider Jamaica’s seven tiered cascading waterfall, YS Falls. Each of these murals captivates and mesmerizes the observer while transforming the surrounding space.

Besides photographs, the collection also includes several exquisitely rendered paintings of crystal pools and cascading waterfalls in a hidden forest, swans gliding gracefully in water with a waterfall in the backdrop and reflections in water of a golden sun and purple skies.

No other landscape brings out the dynamic nature of water and the sheer force and beauty of nature like waterfalls do. The contrast between the remarkably different aspects of water - as a force to be reckoned with, roaring and rumbling down the side of a mountain, and, as a calming element in the form of clear, still pools and ponds - is brought out in these wallpaper murals of waterfalls.