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Wall Murals of Rome

These wall murals of Rome, Italy, transport your space to a different place and time, injecting into them the singular character and grandeur associated with classic Roman architectural elements. These murals serve as windows into a world of imposing structures, immaculate statues and large fountains, many of which are considered world landmarks today and feature among the most popular tourist destinations. The buildings, bridges and venues depicted in this collection of wallpaper murals bear architectural, historical and cultural significance which makes them valuable and tasteful additions to your space in the form of high quality wall murals.

From panoramic photographs of the Trevi Fountain and other landmarks in Rome to paintings of street scenes and cityscapes, the collection is a versatile mix of wallpaper murals representing the life, art and architecture of Rome over the ages. The distinctive and generous use of vaults and arches along with towering, decorative columns is evident in these grand structures, that were built by men with sound knowledge of building materials and construction techniques. Considering the ancient Romans’ view that public buildings should both impress and perform a public function, the splendor these structures exude is not surprising. The collection includes aerial views of the Colosseum by day and night, views of St. Peter's Square and Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Rome, a glimpse of the Sant'Angelo Bridge spanning the Tiber River, among others.

If you’re in the process of picking wall decor for your home, library or office, you will find that this extraordinary collection of murals has plenty of choices. Each mural here has been selected based on its visual quality, artistic treatment, depth and presentation of subject. Create a dramatic focal point and visual window in your space into the magnificent structures of Rome, Italy with these wall murals of Rome.