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Fantasy Dragon Wall Murals

Fire spewing dragons, enchanting castles and magical landscapes come to life on these dragon wall murals that turn your children’s bedrooms and other child frequented spaces into something extraordinary. This collection of murals is truly exceptional as it is created with a child’s fantasies in mind. Each piece is a tribute to the spark of imagination in children and the limitless nature of their minds and curiosity.

These wallpaper murals inject a pinch of magic and a dash of personality into children’s bedrooms, doctor’s offices, classrooms, indoor play areas, hotel lobbies, hallways, birthday party halls and a host of other venues. Not only will these pieces of wall art enrich these spaces with their endearing theme, but also light up the faces of every child who comes across them. Wall murals in general have the ability to spark conversation and lend warmth to any space. These dragon themed wall murals in particular are sure to be icebreakers in any situation where children and families are involved. They bring with them the sights, sounds and feelings associated with magical faraway lands and exotic kingdoms. You can choose from murals depicting friendly dragons with smiling faces to those featuring fiery-eyed creatures threatening the safety of princes and princesses. You will find dragons zooming over majestic castle towers and vast landscapes, some breathing fire, others extending a friendly hand. The sinister looking moon against a dark night sky serves as the backdrop for some of these murals while others feature dragons flying on a warm, sunny day with blue skies.

This unique set of magical wallpaper murals includes something to please children of different ages. Whether you seek to create a cozy dragon decor with friendly, kid loving creatures smiling on the walls or a more big kid theme and a scarier version with evil monsters and wizards in action, you need look no further to find the perfect dragon wall mural.