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Pennsylvania Wall Murals

This electrifying collection of Pennsylvania wall murals transports your space to the bustling cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and brings with it the energy, history and character associated with The Keystone State. From historically significant monuments such as the Independence Hall to the bridges, buildings and roads of ‘steel city’ Pittsburgh, these murals capture the essence of Pennsylvania and transfer them onto your walls.

Pennsylvania’s majestic State House and Capitol Building, the mesmerizing skylines of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the respective downtowns and street views by day and night are featured alongside murals of the state flag and emblem. Whether you’re looking for wallpaper murals to educate, decorate, inspire or to inject vibrancy into your space, you will not have to look far. Among these wallpaper murals of Pennsylvania, you are sure to find what you’re looking for to enhance the walls in your home or office. Murals featuring the state’s skylines and roads are apt for corporate spaces, lobbies and waiting areas as are those depicting its historical buildings. One of the most interesting murals featured in the collection is a two dollar bill macro presenting the Declaration of Independence. Also significant among the wallpaper murals is the photograph of the Independence Hall, where both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were debated and adopted.

Featuring murals in portrait and landscape formats, as well as panoramic views of city skylines, this collection offers plenty of choices for your walls. These murals may be used to open up a small space with the effect of a faux window or to break up a wide blank wall with an interesting visual element. They would make great gifts and striking additions to a new or newly renovated home or office space. Explore the many ways you can enrich your space with these wall murals of Pennsylvania.