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North Dakota

Wall Murals of North Dakota

Explore the vistas of The Peace Garden State with these wall murals of North Dakota. Make room on your walls for the state’s outdoor adventures, fascinating history, arts, culture, nightlife and cityscapes. North Dakota is known for its sunflower fields and meadows of wild prairie roses, long roads flanked by seemingly endless farms and grasslands and of course, its casinos, among other things. Needless to say, you will have plenty of visual options to choose from in a collection of wallpaper murals of North Dakota, be it for your home, office space, restaurant or retail space.

Whether you’re interested in Native American arts, crafts and culture or in following Lewis and Clark’s expedition trail, you won’t be disappointed with what the wall murals of this state have to offer. You may find yourself being inspired and invigorated the way Theodore Roosevelt was or maybe you’ll enjoy the state’s unique experiences of agrotourism--a natural byproduct of its many farms and ranches. North Dakota’s town of Rugby marks the geographical center of North America, while the International Peace Garden located on the borders of US and Canada stands as a symbol of peace and friendship. The state also offers some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing and bird watching opportunities in the country.

From nature hikes to historical routes, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to North Dakota. If you were simply to drive through the state for instance, you could choose to experience the Sakakawea Scenic Byway and some of the most significant destinations of Lewis and Clark’s expedition. Or, you could enjoy the Enchanted Highway that leads to the town of Regent. It features huge and stunning scrap metal sculptures, unique in terms of design and construction. This road has the world’s largest recycled metal sculptures that effectively break the monotony of driving, adding a surprising element of visual interest and character every few miles. From nature to Native American inspired art, find what you’re looking among these wall murals of North Dakota.