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New Jersey

Wall Murals of New Jersey

This collection of New Jersey Wall Murals has plenty of photographs and art to give your walls a refreshing Garden State makeover. The murals showcase stunning landscapes and snapshots of natural beauty captured in this northeastern state. Enchanting fall foliage and beautiful spring blossoms are featured among these New Jersey wallpaper murals alongside modern marvels and historical structures. There is no shortage of visual variety in this picturesque and historically important state as is evident from this collection of extraordinary murals.

The collection features several striking murals that add depth and character to any space be it your home, office, lobby or a restaurant. Photographs of the Absecon Lighthouse, the Barnegat Lighthouse and the sepia-toned reproduction of Princeton University’s dorm are examples. These murals exude authenticity and help weave a visual story into your space through wall art. From historic Millbrook Village to an amusement park in Atlantic City, these murals represent some of the finest aspects and most recognizable landmarks of New Jersey. It is impossible not to mention the George Washington Bridge when speaking of NJ’s landmarks. The two-deck bridge, connecting Washington Heights in Manhattan to Bergen County, New Jersey is one of the finest bridges and most remarkable modern structures in the country. The photographic wall mural features the bridge stretching over the Hudson, against the backdrop of a splendid, twilight sky. Other notable structures featured in this collection of New Jersey murals include the State House and Capitol complex in the capital city of Trenton.

Besides wall murals of nature and buildings, this extraordinary collection includes wallpaper murals that represent the state flag, state map and seal. Whether you prefer murals of nature, or those of New Jersey’s man made marvels, open up your space to the beauty and unique character of the state with this collection of New Jersey wall murals.