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Wall Murals of Louisiana

This collection of Louisiana wall murals brings alive the Mississippi River, the city of New Orleans and various state landmarks on your walls. The murals showcase the rich culture and history of The Pelican State and transport your space to a different dimension artistically. If you’re looking to add character, texture and color to your wall decor while introducing a distinctive southern touch at the same time, you will find just what you need among these wallpaper murals of Louisiana.

The mural collection is a mix of photographs and artwork of wildlife, nature, historical structures, artists and musicians and the state’s emblems, flags and seals. If you’re a nature of wildlife photography buff, the wall murals featuring the spectacular Lake Martin at sunset, the swamps of Louisiana, the Mississippi River and the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve are sure to appeal to you. The park protects a large number of the rich natural and cultural resources of Louisiana's Mississippi River Delta region. The murals include extraordinary wildlife photographs including one of an alligator on a tree trunk at the Jean Lafitte National Park.

On the other hand, history, arts and culture enthusiasts will find plenty of murals to please their visual taste in this collection. These include the tastefully captured photographs of the French Quarter with its grand buildings and quintessential carriage rides, charming views of the Capitol Building in Baton Rouge and pencil sketches, paintings and other artwork of jazz musicians and bands performing on the streets. The collection features the remarkable New Orleans cityscape, at daytime, during sunset and at night, with its skyscrapers and the Mississippi River in the foreground. From nature to nightlife, the State Capitol to sunset scenes, this collection is an exceptional tribute to the state of Louisiana, its cities and natural landscapes. Explore a wonderful way to display your state pride and to refresh your home and office space with this collection of Louisiana wall murals.