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Kentucky Wall Murals

This extraordinary collection of Kentucky wall murals makes it easy to surround your space with the character and charm of the Bluegrass State. The murals exude the characteristic spirit of the Commonwealth of Kentucky with their photographic representations of horse farms, the Louisville skyline, the Ohio River, the Kentucky Derby and other images that are quintessential Kentucky.

These murals transport the walls in your home, office or restaurant to the race tracks and horse farms of Kentucky instantly. The murals make great faux windows, opening up small, enclosed spaces creating the appearance of a larger space or simply providing a visual break in a large wall. Thus, they work well in hallways and lobbies as well as your living room or the den. The collection features a mix of black and white and full color photographs of various aspects of Kentucky. There is also a beautifully rendered black and white artwork of the College of Arts, University of Kentucky. Kentucky’s Capitol Building is featured in all its grandeur in a few of these murals as is the Ohio River, as a backdrop to the Louisville skyline by day and by night. A Kentucky mural collection would be incomplete without a representation of the Kentucky Derby. Photographs of horse farms and race track gates lend authenticity and character to your space besides striking visual interest. All these murals are available in a number of sizes, so, you can order the mural of your choice in a size that is appropriate for your space.

In addition to historical landmarks, the collection features stamps, flags and maps representing the state of Kentucky. These make great additions to classrooms and offices, serving as educational elements and conversation starters. Whether you’re a History buff with an interest in the state or a proud Kentuckian, you will find plenty of ways to enrich your space in this collection of Kentucky wall murals.