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Indiana Wall Murals

The Indiana wall murals featured in this collection inject visual interest, character and color into your space. They portray easily recognizable aspects of The Hoosier State, as Indiana is otherwise known. These include the dome of Notre Dame and the campus itself, located in South Bend, Indiana, some of its countryside scenes and the abandoned City Methodist Church. No matter which visual aspect of the state appeals to your artistic taste, you will find a mural to match in this extraordinary collection.

The wallpaper mural collection features striking photographs of indoor and outdoor subjects that inspire and evoke interest. The murals have the potential to spark conversations and change the landscape of your home’s interiors. An example is the photographic mural titled Stairway to Decay that represents the City Methodist Church - one of the most interesting spots in Gary, IN. Another interesting shot is that of the ‘Welcome to Indiana’ road sign captured against a brilliant blue sky as the backdrop. The collection includes various photographs of the spectacular Indianapolis skyline by day, night and at sunset. Other interesting wallpaper murals showcase the American countryside complete with the image of a barn, corn fields and other characteristic symbols of old America. Prominent structures such as the State Capitol building in Indianapolis and the Notre Dame campus buildings are among the man-made symbols of the state included in this wall mural collection.

Other fascinating murals included in this collection are flags, grunge labels, seals and emblems representing the state of Indiana and its capital, Indianapolis. These wallpapers are available in a number of sizes, allowing you the option to choose the dimensions that suit your home or office space. If you’re looking to add a faux window to the walls in your office, home or restaurant that opens out to countryside America, or for other images representative of one of the Great Lakes state, you won’t need to look further than this collection of Indiana wall murals.