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Wall Murals of Georgia

This collection of Georgia wall murals is sure to energize the walls in your home or office with its stunning photographs of the Atlanta skyline, Historic Savannah and Georgia countryside . The state offers a myriad of visual experiences and landscapes as you travel from the Atlantic coast on one side to the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains on the other. These wall murals have managed to capture that very spirit and beauty of The Peach State, so you can now bring that same energy into your space. Whether you’re a proud Georgian or are fond of its landmarks, this collection of wallpaper murals is sure to please your eyes.

Photographs of Atlanta’s skyline captured from various angles paint a picture of the bustling city on your walls. At the heart of the city is Piedmont Park which offers spectacular views of some of Downtown Atlanta’s landmark buildings. Other murals feature aerial views of skyscrapers as well as one of Atlanta’s busiest intersections, aptly called the Spaghetti Junction. Besides Atlanta, these wall murals bring you to Downtown Augusta and beautiful Waterfront Savannah against the backdrop of the Historic District. Savannah’s charming Southern architecture and its inviting River Walk attract visitors year round, and with these wall murals, you can bring a piece of that charm into your own space.

Atlanta and Georgia, as a state are well known worldwide as the headquarters of corporations such as Delta, CNN and the birthplace of Coca Cola. However, even today, Georgia continues to be an important contributor to the country’s agriculture, growing cotton, pecans, peanuts and peaches, among other things. Farming has always been important in this southern state and the wall mural of the historic mill captures this essence beautifully. Let the charming sights of the Southern countryside and the electrifying images of Downtown Atlanta add color, character and interest to your space in the form of these Georgia wall murals.