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  • Blue Ridge Parkway Sunrise

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1 Murals

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XL Mural Collection has handpicked some of the most amazing, hi-resolution imagery available to bring you our new XL Collection, featuring extra-large murals perfect for your extra-large wall. Our standard “Large” size for most murals goes up to 12 feet wide, but a panoramic mural from our XL collection can DOUBLE your size up to 24 feet wide, and often even wider!

The murals in our XL collection are also really great for smaller wallpaper mural installations as well. They’re absolutely perfect for typical home use covering a wall in the living room, bedroom or elsewhere. Go even smaller if you wish and create a panoramic headboard that creates a stunning designer focal point yet requires zero floor space. In the kitchen, many of these would be perfect for that long stretch of backsplash. In the dining room, these wall coverings could be the creative solution you’ve been looking for that space above, or below, the chair rail.

This collection is equally great for commercial, office and retail use. Turn those long hallway corridors into a stunning passageway that invigorates and inspires the creativity of your employees. Take the space under your sales and checkout counters and turn them into a destination that your customers feel compelled to wander toward. Need to cover the entire exterior wall of your building? We can help you with that. And, like the rest of our mural collection, these images can be customized with your logo, trademarks and other graphics.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for online, please call us at (877) 448-7295. We pride ourselves on offering better murals and better service and would be pleased to do a custom image search that meets your unique needs. We’ll find you an XL image that makes an XL impact.