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National Geographic



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Wall Murals Featuring National Geographic Photography

This set of National Geographic wall murals presents a spectacular visual treat for nature and wildlife lovers and photography buffs. It includes stunning images of national parks, picturesque landscapes, fields dotted with vibrant flowers, castles, wildlife in action and a myriad of other awe-inspiring images captured from around the world.

The murals represent the variety and vibrancy of the planet, introducing a sophisticated touch and distinctive dash of personality into any space. Each of these images is sure to be a source of delight for discerning connoisseurs of art, wildlife and nature photography. Although every image in this set has been carefully selected for its brilliant representation, flawless composition and interesting perspective, you are bound to play favorites depending on your personal taste. Fortunately, the National Geographic selection of murals is broad enough to please just about every kind of artistic preference in this category.

From the intriguing silhouette of giraffes at sunset in Okavango Delta, Botswana to the breathtaking panorama of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, the set is a tribute to some of the most magnificent places and creatures on earth. One of the more interesting images of man made structures is that of the archway that opens up to offer a view of a castle’s turret in the Italian Alps. Other impressive images include those of the Coldrano Castle in South Tyrol, a sweeping view of the Step Pyramid of Djoser surrounded by an apparently endless expanse of desert and the close up view of butterflies. The scale and depth represented in some of these images is sure to redefine any space - the photograph of Chin Strip penguin chicks resting on the side of a large iceberg is one such. Then there are those wallpaper murals that are sure to become a roaring success as conversation starters such as the close up view of the adult male lion in Melbourne Zoo, Australia.

The murals are an artistic tribute and a testimony to the enduring nature of earth and the myriad of interpretations it is open to. From hallways in your home and schools to stores, offices, clubs and other public spots, there are few indoor spaces that will not get enriched by the addition of these Wall Murals Featuring National Geographic Photography.