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Yiming Hu


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Yiming HuAbout Yiming Hu


Yiming Hu is an award-winning photographer specializing in fine art landscape photography and travel photography. His photos and articles have been frequently featured in covers and insides of countless magazines, books, and other publications such as National Geographic Traveler China, Photographic Visions: Inspiring Images and How They Were Made, Nature Photographers Online Magazine, Popular Photography China, etc. His work has been collected by organizations such as Austria Trierenberg Super Circuit and Huadong Normal University, and many private collectors in US, Canada, and Asia. His images have been licensed by clients include Apple Inc. and other companies or non-profit organizations.

Artist Statement

To me, landscape photography is not merely a documentary of the splendid scenery of our magnificent national parks. It is not just going to the iconic locations waiting for the perfect sunset. Landscape photography can also be an expression of one's inner feeling about the Mother Nature, and can be poetic instead of objective.

I like clean compositions. I constantly seek order in chaos. I enjoy finding extraordinary beauty in ordinal places. Even when I do go to a famous location, I will always try to take the unbeaten path. Instead of capturing the entire grand and iconic scenery, more often than not I would rather to find a slice of space and time that is unique. Looking through the lenses, I see more than just rocks and trees. I see lines, shapes, colors, and the intricate play between light and shadow. Before I press the shutter, I many spend a very long time carefully arranging these graphic elements in my viewfinder, in order to articulate my own feeling about the landscape at that particular moment. The final picture is a dialogue between the nature and me. It is more about my poetic expression of my feeling about the fleeting and eternal beauty of the ideal world deep in my heart, and less about the description of the reality or the geographic location where the photo is taken.

My philosophy of travel photography is very different from that of landscape photography. My landscape photographs are more about my poetic expression of my feeling towards the beauty of nature, and less about the description of the real world. Travel photography to me, on the other hand, is about story telling. They are an artist's documentary of the geographic locations as well as their people. Although everyone has their own view angles and artistic style of communication, the pictures cannot be devoid of reality.

I believe that pictures should speak themselves. Through my work, I want to show readers the culture and the buildings of the locations I visited, and the life and feelings of the people living there. These pictures are also a part of my own travel experience, a part of my own memory.