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Victor Valla

Victor Valla

About Victor Valla

Victor Valla is an artist-educator with over 30 years of experience. His BFA, in Painting and Illustration is from RIT, in Rochester, NY and his MFA, in Painting and Printmaking, was earned on Scholarship Grants at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana.

As a post-graduate, while on a Tiffany Foundation Grant in Paris, he studied Printmaking at the famed Atelier 57, and he has taught full-time in Graphic Design, Illustration, and Art History Programs at several of the finest Art Schools in the United States. Among these are RIT and Syracuse Universities in NY, Kean University in NJ, and University of the Arts, in PA. He has also taught courses at Montclair State and William Patterson Colleges in NJ, University of Illinois, UALR, in Little Rock, AR, and at several Community Colleges in the Northeast.

He is of French and Danish heritage and is married to Justine Armanini Valla, a Textile Print Designer and Craftsperson. Victor is also an author and is soon to market a new manuscript, (a thriller), that he had been researching and writing for over 2 years.

Artist Statement:
Like many an artist, I have been compelled to work at my craft since I was only ten years old. My first guide was the printed pages that had been Illustrated by the many fine American Artists whose work I collected from the magazines and books that I grew up reading. That became the direction my artistic life would always pivot upon, although I quickly learned to love and create many paintings influenced by the Abstract Expressionist School while in College. I also, (and equally), have been drawn to the Nineteenth Century Academic Painting that had so influenced the Golden Age of Illustration.

This eclectic interest, as far as visual imagery, has inspired me to take many varied directions in my own work. I try not to artificially separate the areas of art in which I work into their usual categories, instead arriving at finished products that each represent my vision, although they are to be used in a large spectrum of areas. These have ranged from the Graphic Arts, to Museum and Gallery Paintings, to Murals, Advertising, and of course the Printed Page. More than any other living artist I have ever encountered, I am still equally challenged by working towards any and all of these end-use directions. Add to that list my latest, most inspiring and creatively fulfilling direction, that of writing literary fiction.

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