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Trulee Jameson

Trulee Jameson

About Trulee Jameson

Artist / Photographer, Trulee Jameson has a passion for botanical imagery. Inspired by her mother and grandfather - both avid organic gardeners and environmental activists, she began painting natural, organic shapes and patterns in her early teens, exploring a range of styles and media. Throughout her career Jameson's work has ranged from detailed classical landscapes in oil to highly expressive, macro-organic designs combining solvent and water-based paints and inks to large format photographic images of plant forms taken in studio.

Jameson studied fine art at Columbus College of Art and Design and Ohio State University. She worked as a graphic designer for several years immediately out of college while she continued to focus on a series of large organic abstractions in mixed media. A Washington DC-based marketing/ communications entrepreneur for much of her career, Jameson expanded her technical, creative skills - including photography, computer graphics, interactive media and web-design -- while continuing to pursue her fine art.

Since moving to Sarasota, Florida in 2003, Jameson's most recent oil paintings of tropical foliage remind many of the fantastical works of Henri Rousseau due to her strong, linear brushwork and composition.

"My fascination with the graphic shapes of Florida's subtropical foliage is also reflected in my new series of large-format photographic prints, "Tropical Tapestries." With this series my goal is to capture the romanticism, sense of nostalgia and similar emotions many people experience during 'sweet light' in late afternoons by creatively backlighting and interweaving plant structures, fabrics and objects in studio with a focus on high level detail and resolution. This series has also given me the chance to explore the limitless range of subtle hues and values that can be achieved in sepia."

Founder of ArtSource Studio in Sarasota, FL, Jameson is skilled in high-resolution digital scanning, color management and large-format, museum-quality, Giclee printing. In addition to her own work, she produces archival, limited-edition pigment prints for nationally and internationally-recognized artists and photographers.

Trulee Jameson's oil paintings have been purchased and commissioned by private collectors for many years. Large scale prints from her photographic series "Tropical Tapestries" are currently on view at the following:
The Sarasota Collection, Sarasota, Florida
Museo, Delray Beach, Florida
Casa, Miama, Florida
PJ Newman, Tampa, Florida