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Tom Wyatt

Tom Wyatt

About Tom Wyatt

Tom Wyatt is a photographic artist from Warwick Massachusetts and Key West FL. He grew up traveling the world with his family, exploring cultural sites & art museums. In the process, a strong aesthetic interest developed as well as a discerning eye. Tom maintained an avocation for visual arts over the years while teaching, building a home, raising a family and working in retail sales. He dove headlong into photography in 1995 and completed the intensive program at the Hallmark Institute of Photography, in Turners Falls MA. For the next several years, Wyatt operated a commercial photography business.

The mysteries inherent in reflected surfaces eventually captured Tom’s attention, shifting his photographic pursuit toward artistic ends. The style he developed focuses on abstractions and impressions that surround us but often remain hidden in this busy world. Whether seen in puddles, lakes, windowpanes or shiny cars, Tom discovers creativity based on what can be seen by the naked eye. He has exhibited in numerous regional shows, is a founding member of the Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists and a coordinator of the Warwick Arts Council.

The fact that hues get intensified when light bounces can make Tom Wyatt’s images seem “unbelievable”. Some people assume the photographs are computer-generated or significantly altered. They are not. As photographers have always done, he edits his images to retouch, crop/rotate and make tonal/color corrections. Tom’s objective in editing is to show what he saw. Photographic prints on archival aluminum complete his work with a vibrant luminosity that rivals the original scene.