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Steve Munch

About Steve Munch

Steve Munch

Living in coastal Ventura County, Steve starts everyday either with a surf session or a photo session depending on the waves or the light. With no formal training to influence him Steve has developed a style that is unique and captivating.

“As a life-long surfer and former commercial fisherman, I have spent my life where I feel most at home… in, on or near the ocean. Its awe inspiring beauty stops me in my tracks, while other times its subtlety could easily have been overlooked. Photography slows me down to look closer; the constant challenge forces me to really see. I get so much satisfaction when images I have captured are enjoyed by people who may never have the opportunity to see what I have seen.”

The Coastal Collection has been created in recent years and is currently being displayed in galleries and private collections across the country. In addition to his coastal and wildlife photography, Steve shoots professional motorcycle racing and surfing. His work has been published numerous magazines including Surfer, Coast, Surfer’s Journal, Superbike, Motorcyclist and Sport Rider. He has also had work featured for commercial use by clients such as ESPN, SUZUKI, JASON PRIDMORE and QUIKSILVER.