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Robert Dorman

Robert Dorman

About Robert Dorman

Robert Dorman has spent his whole career in the field of art. His varied art background has contributed to his multi-faceted command of many mediums and techniques.

Bob is as much at home with chisels and files, recreating fine Pennsylvania-Kentucky rifles, as he is with his large assortment of brushes and oil paints. Working on his ever growing list of commissioned paintings. Bob's subject matter is as varied as his art background.

Bob is responsible for perhaps hundreds of greeting cards, as he spent a large part of his career as a vice president and creative director of two major greeting card companies. Bob's work has been featured on the cover of the 1995 and 1996 Daytona 500 programs, and has appeared in numerous magazines and special interest publications.

Bob resides in Port Orange, FL with his wife Mary and is part owner of Creations design studio. His work is currently featured in prominent galleries throughout Florida.

“My inspiration to paint is simply the challenge of portraying what my mind’s eye sees and sharing that image with others. It is the natural progression of my desire to create and my life long love of art.

Although I have a special love for western and figurative art, I paint a broad range of subjects, never limiting myself to one particular genre. Early in my career I designed and illustrated for an art studio, which benefited me a great deal in this regard. It didn’t matter what the subject was, I had to fulfill the clients’ requests. I painted everything from John Deere tractors and airplane instrument panels for Rockwell International to politicians and wildlife. The common denominator remains the same: to share my vision of the subject by painting it to the best of my ability.

Capturing challenges such as glass, silver, a breaking wave, or the iridescent sheen on a bird’s feathers keep me striving to improve my skills. I’ve learned a great deal in my 50 years of painting and will continue to paint and learn as long as I am able."