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Rick Unger

About Rick Unger

Rick Unger

A Pennsylvania native, Rick Unger started his artistic life early. His mother was amazed that, as a toddler, he was already drawing pictures with advanced detail and accuracy. By high school he was receiving commissions for his artwork. He went on to study art for three years at the York Vocational School, after which he got married and moved to Texas.

The Lone Star State, with its cattle and horse ranches, was a new and eye-opening experience for the East Coast transplant. Rick felt that the life of a cowboy was a refreshing and inspiring contrast to urban stress, as well as an escape from past-paced city life. It was natural that he would eventually decide to chronicle Western life in his paintings. He lived that life as well with his wife, Jody, raising horses on a small ranch.

Since Rick turned to fine art full time in the '90s his work has been shown and sold in galleries, shows and exhibits around the country. He has also contracted with publishers and manufacturers who offer various images of Rick's on or in connection with their products, such as greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, throws and wallhangings.

Today, Rick and Jody live in the shadow of the beautiful San Juan Mountains in southwest Colorado, where Rick continues to paint the Western subjects that inspire him and remain near and dear to his heart.