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Paul Miners

Paul Miners

About Paul Miners

Paul Miners was born in Auckland New Zealand and grew up in Hamilton New Zealand. Paul's earliest art influence came from his Uncle who produced beautiful Seascapes in oils using only a palette knife.

After winning various art awards at college Paul was offered an apprenticeship as a Signwriter / Illustrator. It was while attending trade school that Paul stumbled across a life drawing class. This is where is where Paul's talent really started to develop and it was some of these works that were later exhibited at one of New Zealand's popular art galleries.

In late 99' Paul moved to Sydney Australia to further develop his talents and career.

Over the past few years Paul has expanded from the more traditional style of painting to digital painting. This process gives Paul more options for adding his own artistic expression to natures awesome beauty.

Although Paul excelled in painting and understanding the human form, it was always the wild side of Nature that interested him the most. It was this interest, combined with his passion for art, which has lead to some of the most elegant & unique wildlife art today.

Paul has won various art awards with the most recent being an Honorable Mention for his entry 'White Predator' in the Museum of computer Arts 'MOCA' - Summer Art Festival 2010.

Artist Statement
"Painting is a way for me to share my love for the wild and help preserve the beauty by capturing the moment on canvas."

"My paintings are my contribution to wildlife conservation and helping people understand the beauty nature has to offer."

- Paul Miners