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Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

About Matthew Smith

After having a solo adventure to Cuba 4 years ago and selling his first image to Hallmark for their 2008 calendar from that trip, among 2 others, Matthew Smith's passion for photography and nature is deeply ingrained. Matthew has had work exhibited in his home town of Leicester England during which time one piece was sold and appeared on a TV show called Come Dine With Me. On top of selling 3 images to Hallmark for their 2008 Calendar, Matthew had an abstract Brussels card purchased and sold during the 2007 Christmas period for charity Help The Aged and has 13 images in publication as greeting cards with UK company Images & Editions.

"The world around us is my inspiration. We have so much to learn from just sitting still, slowing down, and observing for at least just a few minutes from our fast paced lives, everything nature has to offer us. Be it the flowers in a meadow or something as simple as watching the sunrise through the clouds. We all get caught up in our modern day lives and taking time to slow down again and returning back to the way nature intended us to be helps us remember we are only human. My aim is to bring a little peace in to peoples lives and to share my interpretation of Natures many wonders."

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