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Louise Montillio

About Louise Montillio

Louise Montillio

As an American born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Louise Montillio grew up with an appreciation for the rich patterns and textures of different cultures. She pursued her college education at Arizona State University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

The artist began her career as an illustrator for books and calendars, eventually moving on to larger-scale art. Now painting exclusively in oil, Louise's highly detailed murals are commissioned by Boston-area hotels, designers, and private collectors throughout the United States.

Her love of history and architecture was awakened when she purchased and began the restoration of a neglected Colonial home built in 1818, a project which continues today. Louise lives and paints in Hingham, Massachusetts with her family, all of whom are active in local humane societies.

“I love that art is a path to another person's view. My own view pulls me into details, like a fallen petal or a well-worn carving. It conjures up the feeling that someone has just been there, and in that way, the art becomes life and is perhaps unique to the viewer.

I tend to think that the ability to paint is a learned skill. Like most things, if you want strongly enough to learn something, you will. The talent comes from loving the adventure.”