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Eric Rundle

Eric Rundle

About Eric Rundle

Eric Rundle was born and raised in the magnificent state of Colorado. His love of the outdoors was nurtured further by his parents, teaching him the value of nature and wildlife at an early age.

Spending time in the outdoors hiking, camping and hunting only continued to encourage Eric to capture all the beauty he sees in nature on film. "I have been told for years that I had a "great eye" for photography, but it wasn't until I purchased my first digital camera that I started to see a whole new world open up to me. Inspired, I began to study photography in depth, taking classes online from photographers like Kerry Drager, William Neill, George Schaub and Doug J. Johnson".

It wasn't until Eric had taken a course taught by Jim Zuckerman, a world renowned photographer, that he knew he wanted to take his talents and love of photography to a professional level. Jim taught Eric that with enough determination and persistence he could make that happen.

"Being in nature, being in the moment, being able to capture on film what I see in my mind's eye is what it's all about. I continues to educate myself in the vast world of photography, finding new ways to show the world that in the smallest of details, all the beauty nature and wildlife have to show us, if we would only take the time and have the patience to see it. I currently live with my wife Tuesday along with our horses, dogs and cats on the western slope of Colorado enjoying all the beauty and tranquility the West Elk Mountains and the rest of Colorado has to offer."

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