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Dennis Lewan

Dennis Lewan

About Dennis Lewan

Dennis’ paintings have made their way into many countries and into the collections of many celebrities, corporations and banking institutions. Among the awards he has received, the one he seems most proud of is the 1997 Collector’s Edition Award of Excellence in the fine art print category. His winning painting titled “The Barrister’s Mansion” was chosen by popular vote from the many readers of Collector’s Edition Magazine all over North America.

Dennis Patrick Lewan’s interest in art began at the age of five and drawing became one of this favorite activities. He continued to develop his talents by designing posters for his rock band. By 1982, Dennis an artist in high demand in the Chicago art scene.

Mr. Lewan has developed a style with unique qualities and has become “the modern day master of realism, romanticism and fantasy.” He says, “I concentrate on picking up where the “Old Masters” left off, by adding camouflaged images in many of my paintings. I like to have a painting tell a story and stimulate the imagination of everyone who views it. I like to create in each painting a special place that people want to ‘want and visit.’ ”