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David Nitsche

Dave Nitsche

About Dave Nitsche

Dave Nitsche first picked up a camera 5 years ago. What started off as a simple means of taking some fun pictures quickly turned into an obsession and a way of expression.

Dave's goal from the beginning was to merge human emotion into non human environments using whatever 'stuff's' (mannequins, glass, guns, fire, etc.) necessary and in the process to be as original as possible. His images are steeped in expressionism but they cover so many categories that it is hard to place them in just one. The pieces have been admired and praised by critics, photographers, artists and the public in general for their ability to conjure feelings in people that are very deep, very personal and usually reserved for living things.

Dave Nitsche's work has been in over 100 publications and galleries all over the globe including Popular Photography, Digital Photo, Unique Image, Digi photo, Shutterbug and numerous others.

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